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  • Mo 

Last rehearsals

The first show is getting closer and closer, we are now only rehearsing whole runs and that all day long. I think everyone is looking forward when it finally starts. Then we’ll also have more spare time during the day, so we can get a closer look into Edinburgh as a city aswell. However, the performance mode is slowly settling in. On Tuesday we were at Edinburgh Castle and could watch the fantastic fireworks of the finale. Plus, we were rehearsing of course. On Wednesday, we were back at the barracks to play through two full runs in the morning and afternoon and in the evening two full runs too. It was quite an arduous day. On Thursday, we did one full run and two are still coming in the evening.

Premier show

Yesterday, we’ve had our first show and the crowd went insane. It was truly spectacular to perform! I’ll never forget this opening show: Here are some impressions of the last few days.


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