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Arrival in Edinburgh

  • Mo 

Yesterday at 4:15 a.m. we met at the airport. Then we flew to Scotland where we were driven to our accommodation. After we checked into our rooms, we all ate breakfast. On my plate were beans, mushrooms, sausage, a potato patty and scrambled eggs. Afterwards, we went to the barracks for a first rehearsal.

The first day in Edinburgh wouldn’t be the right if hadn’t drunk a beer, so we went in a pub and enjoyed our first few beers. In the evening we went to Edinburgh Castle, which is a historical monument and very important in Scotland. I had already experienced the Edinburgh Castle as a spectator of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo but as a participant it is something completely different. And then the amazing view with sunset, it was beautiful! After returning from the Edinburgh Castle I went to sleep soon. It was a long-long day with many power naps. Reassuring that today, Sunday, we have a day off and will go to the pub again! An intensive week full of rehearsels is coming up, and on Friday it’s time for the first show!


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