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The weekend of the SIRD-Symposium was brilliant. I met so many nice people from around the world and I’m really grateful that I could be part of the exchange between the different cultures.

Exam as a drummer in the Swiss Military and last days in Basel

The follwowing week, I had my test to become a drummer in the swiss military. I’ve just found out that I accomplished this goal and I’ll start my recruit school on the 16th January next year. I’m looking forward to making process in my quality of drumming.

The last few days before my departure from Basel to New York was counted. So, I wanted to do as much as possible while I was still at home. Especially with my girlfriend, I wanted to enjoy this time, so we went to the Atelier to eat a bowl full of nice ingredients on one of the last days, it was actually the same day I had my test in Landquart for becoming a drummer in the swiss military. This last supper was delicious and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

Impressions of the first week in New York

Now I‘m already here in Tarrytown at EF for one week. I‘m adapting to the people and the environment more and more. I get more comfortable with all kind of stuff, for example that I’m alone most of the time and that I‘m okay with it. The first few days were not so easy and I‘m still staying in my room after dinner most of the time. It‘s perhaps the way I want to like that. Yesterday for example, I‘ve enjoyed it actually very bright that I could explore NYC by my own. And I think this will grow and I‘ll really get to enjoy it just by myself. I‘m not the extroverted guy anyway. Maybe it‘s the attention of other people which I miss, it‘s normal because everyone wants to get seen or heard, a thing that is pretty important to humans. And I have also found out that I need some program or plans to do. If it‘s practising for the blue devils audition, the heritage concert at pasic, planning for workshops at the west virginia university, running or just learning english…it doesn‘t matter what but I realized that it‘s important not to be silly and sit on your ass the whole day. It‘s maybe an obvious thing yes, but if you‘re from one day to the other alone, then you suddenly have a lot of time to think about how you wanna use your time. So, I‘ll get to handle this and I‘m motivated to experience and create as much as I can here and enjoy every moment even though I‘m on my own sometimes. Luckily, I’ll not be lonely and have a plan what I want to do the next few weeks, so I’m set and I’m sooo excited what I can expect now that I’ve slowly adapted to the place here.


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