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I’m Maurice Weiss, a rudimental drummer from Basel in Switzerland and 22 years old.

I started drumming with my dad. Each year, my parents took me to the Basel Fasnacht and when I was 6 years old, Walti Büchler taught me the correct way of playing the rudiments of Basel Drumming in his drum school.

At the “Offizielle Bryysdrummle- und pfyffe” in Basel, I’ve won several trophies. I’m very proud of holding the title “the youngest drumking” in the young solo category which was in 2010. Furthermore, I’m the only one so far who became drumking in the young and adult category in the same year, in 2016. This is only possible due a special rule that when you become drum or fife king, you get the chance to compete in the adult category as well. I won the young category five times and the adult category twice.

During this period, I joined the KMB (Knaben und Mädchen Musik Basel) and the Top Secret Drum School. I was taught by several drum teachers, Urs Gehrig was one of them who really made an impact to the development of my drumming. In 2023, I joined the Swiss Army as a drummer and will work further as an instructor in 2024 for a year. In addition to my new profession, I would like to create new compositions and realize new individual performances.

Today, I’m working in the Swiss Army as a drum instructor and I’m a member of the oldest drum group in Basel, the Ueli 1876.

If you have a question regarding my works or you’re interested in the sheet music like this down here, send me an e-mail to ma**********@hi*****.ch.